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General questions

What's TRIBU and whom is it addressed?

TRIBU is a platform for offer and research of services

Why using TRIBU?

To find the person working for you respectively to find small jobs. Thanks to TRIBU you will find someone to assemble your new ikea furniture if you don't have the time to do it. On the other side if you are free during the weekend, there is surely somebody who is looking for a baby-sitter you can trust. Come on on TRIBU.CH

How much does it cost ?

The registration has no charge. To offer services or to find a service provider you must charge your account with enough Tribos, our virtual currency. A Tribos will be deducted from your account for each publication of a classified and for each buy of a new contact.

What "buy a contact" means?

It means getting the contact data of a parson, who has published a classified of interest to you, so that you can then keep in touch with that person.


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Other functionalities

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Tribos exchange rate

1 ico-tribos = Frs 2
What's a Tribos ?

Tutoriel [e]

Tutoriel [e]